December 28th, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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bloodlossgirl and I have been exchanging IMs. Today was a session of MissileIM Command as bursts of IMs were coming all at once and I had to defend my cities and missile bases side of the conversation by fielding witty replies.

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Conversation was prompted by the sudden realization that one of the moths fluttering around my brain when associated with her name was the similarity between "bloodlossgirl" and "Punk Rock Girl" which was a forgotten favorite song of mine when I was very little and listening to KROQ because of my sisters.

So apparently, we'll have to travel around the world. Just you and me, blood loss giiiiiiiiiirl! ; )

Such a good song. *sighs*

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And, oh yeah, I still owe you guys a post about Cherish, a post about #9, some icons, and a few words of praise for cmoog.

BTW: Note for everyone: I work on Mission Street from 7:30a-5p. As a result, my sleep schedule has changed a bit and relsqui and I don't have the freedom to sit in Berkeley for longer than the weekend.