December 22nd, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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So, off and on this last week, I was corresponding with a fellow with a British accent. I had a somewhat lengthy phone interview with him and on Friday, he asked me to come in.

As circumstances would have it, that Friday was two days after relsqui, philled2thebrim, talnkyo, and I spent until 6am talking about Kitii (a conlang for game night).

So, on no sleep, I went to the interview. I felt alright about it. I succeeded in making the three people I spoke to that day laugh at least once (which is always important to me in these situations). When prompted, I wrote an extremely pleasing bit of C. I was asked to write a function that would reverse a string in place.
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So, anyway. I left there feeling that I did about as well as anyone could expect, but it wasn't a spectacular interview in my mind.

On Sunday, I got an email. It went like this (my thoughts in italics):
Thanks so much for coming in on Friday. Oh hell, not ANOTHER rejection
You impressed everyone and I think you'll thrive in our busy environment. ...but...
Your ability to solve problems and your sys admin skills are exactly what's needed to help our customers. Wait. What does he mean "exactly what's needed?" Hey, he doesn't mean...Wait, does he?
I'll write a formal offer letter on Monday for you TOUCHDOWN! Extra point good! The fans go wild and the cheerleaders come out for celebratory smooches!

So, yeah 8) I have a job! It's a short enough distance that I'm considering walking to work every day. I hate to speak in riddles, but level_head will understand when I say that my pay surpassed my initial listing of desired salary. Oh, and I get paid on the 15th and the end of the month which sure beats my previous company's policy of paying on the last day of the month.

Everyone at the office is really uber friendly. relsqui and I had planned on going to Jack's, but at around 11:30a, I found out that there was a planned company Christmas/welcoming-the-three-new-hires lunch. Since she was walking, I couldn't very well tell her about it. No one complained that she came along and she agrees with me that at the least, they've all got wonderful senses of humor.

Oh yeah! And I have a key to the office! And a really large cubicle that I'm going to personalize with my poster of the dependencies in the 2.6 linux kernel and probably a few other things.

On a sad note, the SIMM on my keychain broke off last night. The key ring fit through one of the holes on the side where the plastic pegs on the mother board fit in. The hole that it was through had been slowly getting larger and larger until last night on the way out to the car, I pulled my keys out and watched it fall. =/

So, until then, I have a keychainless keychain. With like 4 looped keyrings. relsqui is theorizing that the limit of keyrings on my keychain will go slowly to infinity.

I'm tempted to put the keychain through the other side of the SIMM, but it'd be merely delaying an inevitable repeat and I might not be so lucky about knowing where it ended up. =/

For now, it'll simply be unadorned.

And, by the way, woohoo! I have a job! 8)

EDIT: This is what happens when you're on 4 hours of sleep. *shrugs* returnme is a lot like returnval. It's all retval now. As it should be.
My wonderful Meg kitty.

Now _this_ is impressive!

The guy whose position I'm taking Google'd me before interviewing me 8)

Google for "[my name]" armory. Damn fine references 8) Sadly, my FreeBSD posting doesn't show up on that list anymore.

I was wondering why people knew I was a Linux geek. Well, actually, I guess I do kinda list it on my resume.

Still, I'm glad someone saw those references.