November 30th, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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And now for something completely different...

I HAVE MONEY AGAIN! Sure, it's 2 months rent, and sure I can only pay one month right now (due to the car troubles), but it's money!

It's the check from Critical Thinking & Bright Minds (the company in seaside). It was (stupidly) misfiled under NATA (Not At This Address).

I cannot describe the roller coaster of these past few days. Financial doom and gloom, having to ask spcecdt to wait for rent until the end of the month, followed by car troubles in a completely unknown city, followed by some help from my mother, followed by not anywhere near enough help from my mother, followed by more icky gloom, followed by the exorcism of it all by a misfiled check which covers EVERYTHING and repaints the world (for a month or so) as a pretty place where my former employer at Siftology had better give me my last check by the 5th (a month after I billed him) or else.

I have an interview today in 6 hours (3;30p) No word yet from anything else. Time to shower, shave, and once again, end up at game night dressed up.

More applying in the meantime. A few jobs in Santa Cruz even. Maybe one or more of them'll turn up.