November 6th, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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For a while, I was involved with ucscb and yam forum. Some of you (I'm looking at you boymaenad) are familiar with it. Most of you aren't. In any case, after a while, I tired of kicking aging dogmatic geeks about.

Then the election happened and the overly whiney liberals started making rather undemocratic statements. spcecdt (who still reads forum) mentioned this to me. We came up with a brilliant idea, so I put it into play.
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Do a search for "little punk the spammer" to see the post. The rest of it is mildly amusing because watching hope get crushed often is.

And just because I should really make a rational coherent point in this showcasing of my ability to emulate a complete and utter asshole, I'll mention that there's two things that people forget about democracy:

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