October 26th, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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Latest netflix: Lost in La Mancha and Koko wa Greenwood.

Those who wish to see Greenwood (I'm lookin' at you and your shut-in dormmates, stonesundial ; ) ) ought to yammer at me.

Also: The Disgusting Appearing Foods Potluck & Halloween Party is on the 29th. I'm even considering making something for it!

Here's spcecdt's invite:

     The Armory will be holding its Tenth Annual Revolting-Appearing Foods
Potluck & Party on Friday, Oct. 29th starting at 8 PM.
     Yes, tenth.  You may recall that last year's event was described as the
10th.  Well, I was wrong - I forgot that we didn't have one in 1995.  Since
this is the *real* 10th RAFPP, we will once again be compelled to award a prize
for the food item with the highest d/t (disgustingness/tastiness ratio)!  So,
try your repulsivest :)

     For a glimpse of what has gone by in years past, see:


     Costumes are encouraged but not never expected.

     Be ooking you!