September 19th, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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I've been doing some thinking about letters and numbers today.

It occurs to me that sometimes it is wise to think backwards. If you've played Kings Quest I, you've found that ability useful, no doubt.

Started yammering at a guy in #java who was trying to tell me that a program I'm writing "won't work". He said this while the log output was scrolling by indicating successes...He started to go on about how I should apply indications of how confident I am that something'll work. I told him, "Never mind your numbers". It's utterly ridiculous that this guy was trying to get me to say "I'm 95% confident that my program works on a computer with a threading capable JVM, assuming no hardware failures, random crashes, constant sufficient power supply, ...". Ended up using TimerTask which seems like a semi-weak way to do things.

That's life I suppose.

Just found this in the log screen: wi9f7bM0PJ. The letters are backwards, case is right, and the numbers are right...odd.

I probably got one of the wires crossed up in the rest of the work.

Work on is coming along nicely. Have a look. You'll never see 10 alphanumeric characters in quite the same way ; )