September 13th, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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Interesting note on elections in the latest Dr. Dobbs Journal (a programming magazine) of all things.

The article in question is about simulating elections with agents which is mildly interesting. Some of the data that came out the other end is roughly similar to what folks find in every day life.

The interesting part was an analysis of electoral college voting from 1960-2000 showing which states have traditionally been Republican, Democratic, or swing. Only a few states (New York, Minnesota, and Massachusetts IIRC) were Democratic the entire time. Most of the other states were Republican.

It reminds me of what a friend said. He's from South Africa and mentioned in passing that he's surprised about how conservative the US actually is vs. how conservative Americans think they are. It could be a Northern California byproduct, but according to him, we're much more conservative than we think we are.

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To most of us here in Northern California, the feeling that Bush should be impeached is as common as the air we breathe. In most of the nation, that's not the case. To those who are perhaps a bit nearer to moderate, Bush is really that hero who landed on the aircraft carrier and has delivered us from evil.

Just try for a moment to understand that impression. For the conservatives, take a moment to understand the impression that Bush is an unintelligent person who has ridden into the White House on privilege and that it shows in his policy.

As for me, I'm merely here to pick on both sides ; )