September 1st, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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Random crap with work has been going on. That'll come later.

For now, relsqui and I were attempting to get some sleep. She flipped over so that her back was facing my back (in her words: so she could toast her other side).

Some point in all this, I pushed against her with my butt and said "Yarr!". She responded in kind and it occurred to me in a flash of brilliance.

"Say...does this make us butt pirates?"

Then I noticed that the blanket was covering her hips, so I said "Arrr, buried booty".

Somewhere in all this, the idea of what a random web image of a butt pirate would be came into her head. She figures it involves:
a) a magic marker and a mirror, or
b) a magic marker and a close friend.

Imagine being suckered with a line like:
"Say...could you help me with something?"
"Sure what?"
"I'm trying to be a butt pirate for Halloween. Here's a marker."