August 12th, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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New useful word:

speako, noun.
1. Abbreviation of "speakophonic error". Used to indicate a misspoken phrase, especially one with an unintended meaning.
They want you to understand it, not be able to use it
  as opposed to the intended:
They want you to understand it, not just be able to use it

In other news, work was stressful while the boss was around. Now that the boss has left and the VP of Marketing is running the company, everything's nice and light.

I fought the temptation to hammer my co-worker for doing exactly what he accused me of doing when I first got on the job. He was gone for most of the day and he had a bunch of projects on his plate with imminent deadlines. Whoops. The fun part was when he tried to yell at me for it later. He settled for totally misunderstanding how I'm designing my current run and being a bit too dense to grok my clarifications.

There will soon be a new adventure in mp3 streaming (those who know me may dimly remember (or g)). Details as they develop.

There was more in my head for this post, but timely interruption from relsqui saved you all from it.