August 6th, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

Never ever ever ever ever play cribbage with relsqui

I'll grant that I was tired and made a bad decision at one point (missing a possibility that was worth just as much and didn't give her two points).

So things are pretty close up until about 70 points. Then she scored a 20-some-odd hand.

The game ended at 121-89. The last complete count was her hand and crib. I jokingly started to push the peg to 121.

As it turned out, it left her at 120 and me one point shy of the skunk mark. I resolved myself to get that one point on the play.

I cribbed a pair of jacks (yeah, like she was going to count those) leaving me with an 8,5,2,A. She set down a 4.

Knowing her as I do, the 4 was probably part of a run, meaning she probably had a 5, or a 3. Less probably a 6 or 2.

With the cards I had, I probably wasn't going to be able to low-ball enough for the 15. That meant trying to make it impossible for her to get a 15.

If I had set down the 8, that leaves it at 12. A 3 (for 15) ties up the game for her nicely.
If I had set down the 5, that leaves it at 9. A 6 (for 15) or 5 (for a pair) ties up the game nicely.
If I had set down the 2, that leaves it at 6. An improbable 9 (for 15), a less probable 2 (for a pair), or a 3 (for the run) does it.
If I had set down the A, that leaves it at 5. A K,Q,J, or 10 (all for 15) ties it up.

So, going with what I knew, I decided that the ace was my best bet. It left open the minor possibility of getting the 15 and included a card that didn't seem in her range.

Naturally she had a Queen.

So I was skunked by one point.

Looking at her hand afterwards, it turned out that I couldn't have set anything down that wouldn't have given her a point.

Nethack, the legendary game of giveth-and-taketh-away brutally, is more sporting than playing cribbage with her. I'll take my dexterity versus a wand of death over a hand with her.

edit: sed 's/89/90/' I was at 90 points, not 89.
My wonderful Meg kitty.

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As always, there's disagreements about what belongs and what doesn't. War of the Roses, Much Ado About Nothing, and Schindler's List don't belong IMHO. 12 Monkeys, Blade Runner, Ghostbusters, Strange Days, and The Conversation should have been on this list in my opinion.

Probably others, but I'm too lazy to look through the list again ; )