July 17th, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

More fun with intelligent design proponents.

In response to an level_head posting about Intelligent Design, I posted a reply to someone who professes a belief in the "scientific" theory of creationism:

Sure, let's run with this. Perhaps you'd care to explain away the contradiction in the universe being created within 7 days, yet time was created on the 4th day. This is trivial to cite from a source text of your theory.

Or we can go double or nothing and you can attempt to show what attendees of the DAIC conference of 2000 at Concordia University could not:

1) The explanation of Information Theory given by Dembski, Behe, and others states that information tends to follow a "trickle-down" model. Simply put, a watch requires a designer. The designer of that watch possesses the information necessary to create that watch, while the watch possesses only a subset of that information.
2) Same explanation states that if an object shows Specified Irreducible Complexity (hereafter SIC), then it can be shown to have been designed by an intelligent designer.
3) Using similar logic to Paley, it is theorized that an Intelligent Designer (hereafter ID) in the sense of a Prime Mover exists and is the source of all information.

Explain: Does the ID show SIC?
If yes, then prove that the ID is not designed and therefore an exception to point 2.

If no, then explain the violation of the explanation of information theory in point 1. Full answers will prove that while the ID can design something with a large amount of SIC, evolution (a proven algorithmic process) can not.