July 14th, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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So, here's the situation.

l had a major motherboard problem quite some time ago. Some capacitors on the CPU1 circuit popped, frying a couple of inductance coils in the process. After some panic, I found a motherboard on ebay. The guy lived out here in Santa Cruz, so I went over personally and bought it off him (along with a gig of ram, I might add) for some trivial price. That was an Epox KP6-BS. It initially had a pair of 500s which I traded to a friend for 800 MHz and like $20. The board ran beautifully. If anyone knows where I can get another one, I'd appreciate it greatly.

That one worked well for a while, then it started doing weird things. It wouldn't boot all the time. It was semi-random whether or not pressing the button would turn things on. It was also a question whether or not it would boot once everything was on. That was a Tyan Thunderbolt. I'm still not sure what happened, but it was _bad_

cmoog happened to sniff out a few dual P-III boards at the time. He found an itox board which is the current one. This board was poorly designed. Apparently the APIC bus was too close to the memory and CPU bus, so it got a lot of cross talk. As a result, it got a lot of APIC errors which made the system unstable. I had occasional uptimes of ~20 days before the box would hang.

The time that it could reliably stay up was getting shorter and shorter, though.

Towards the end (some 3 days ago now), it wouldn't stay up for a whole day.

Adding to that, I made a stupid mistake and accidentally dd'd over part of the drive while I was trying to fix a corrupted log. xfs_repair brought back a correct superblock and dropped a ton of files in lost+found, but there's no directory structure to them, so I have the unenviable task of trying to figure out what's what. Yay file and grep!

Boogeyman is now up. It answers to littlegreenmen and l. Pardon the empty home directories, I'll have everything sifted out as soon as I can.

Oh, and to make things more entertaining, I have a deadline tomorrow at 5pm!