May 23rd, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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relsqui and I went shopping today.

We walk down this one aisle and stop while we're perusing jams.

This rather attractive blonde trailing her boyfriend walk down
the aisle and I notice her checking me out.

My ego gains about 5 points while I do the obligatory return glance
while deciding just what kind of jam we're going to get.

We walk out of the aisle and a safeway employee starts looking at
me. This time, it's a guy. He kinda stops and asks me:

"Where'd you get that shirt?"
"Wha..?? Oh! It's a band. They were from San Diego, but they aren't
together anymore. Good band. Not quite punk. Sort of a fusion. I'm
sure there's gotta be something on Kazaa or whatever. Good stuff."
"Cool! Thanks!"

About 3 steps away, my ego deflates because I realize that it wasn't
me that chick was checking out. It was my shirt. A few years ago,
no one would've noticed, but now it probably weirds some people out.

The shirt says:

"Flatten Manhattan"

_SUCH_ a good band. I need to dig up the tapes and mp3ify.

That moment was awesome though. Getting checked out by a cute gal while
she's with her boyfriend.