May 3rd, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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And the kite flying continues 8)

Yesterday we were supposed to go out with knight3d and
squeekiemouse, but both of them found reasons to not hang
out with us. Pfft. Coachella. Pfft. ; )

Luckily, we talked koneko666, Marie, and stimpy666
to come along. I'd never met stimpy666 before, so that was
kinda neat.

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After chatting with relsqui about the interaction, we were joking
that we should hang out at Coquelet more often.

Mom made _really_ yummy cake which was kinda interesting. It kinda exploded.
Really, the top separated from the rest of the cake. She made frosting and
custard and ended up using the custard to put the top back on it.

relsqui once again forced me to take notice of just how exactly
wonderful she is by sneaking some frosting out of the bowl when Mom wasn't
looking and giving it to me. Apparently, Mom was worried that there wasn't
going to be enough, so it was kind of a dicey operation.

The thing that magnifies the "OH MY GOD! YOU ROXOR!" factor is that she
didn't take any for herself.

That's my kinda girl right there 8)

I emailed my friend who claims to have a job for me. Turns out that he and
his boss haven't been in sync and so I _still_ haven't had my interview.
I'm beginning to smell disappointment yet again. At least the week's been
good in other ways.

By the by, we're still in Berky. Drop us a line if you want to fly kites
hang out ;) I imagine we'll be here through this week.