February 21st, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

In lieu of anything else to say...

(21:05:26) CERisE8192: Oh give it up. Even Hawking doesn't believe you.
(21:05:27) deityofdarkness9 : I fell into a black hole and was divided by zero.

relsqui is far, far, far too good to me. I finally got to cook a meal in edgewise. One of my old staples...The frozen soft pretzel + cheese.

She does things like this for me day in and day out. She mews at me every so often. We talk as we work.

Life is better with her. If nothing else, then simply because two processors accomplishing threads of life work better than one.
My wonderful Meg kitty.

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Oh yeah! I almost forgot. Account "request" works now. If you want an account on lgm, all you need to do is telnet or ssh to littlegreenmen as account "request".

For those in Windows, that means grabbing PuTTY, selecting ssh, and going to host littlegreenmen.armory.com (or l.armory.com, for the lazy).

For those in Mac worlds, that means grabbing niftyTelnet, and ssh-ing to host littlegreenmen.armory.com (or l.armory.com, for those who hate their keyboard and want to pretend that they can go everywhere with their WEAK CRIPPLED ONE BUTTON MICE

*ahem* Tangent...

For those on any *nix box, ssh request@l.armory.com

If/When it prompts you for a password, hit enter.

A short questionnaire follows.

At some point, I add you.

So WHY do you want a littlegreenmen account?

Littlegreenmen offers web space (PHP enabled, at that), ftp space, a mail account, a shell account, compilers/interpreters for all sorts of languages, a community of techies of one sort or another, SQL access, an opportunity to learn *nix, and the ready and willing aid of a sysadmin that you know and love ; )