February 3rd, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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I hadn't actually thought I'd been to that many. Then I remembered going to that conference, the national parks trip/visiting Steph at LANL (NV, NM, AZ, UT, CO, taking my ex-gf (#9) up to Oregon and Washington (OR, WA), visiting my paternal grandfather and ending up going to his funeral (ID, MT, NV, UT, WY), going to Canada (IL (just O'Hare airport), NY (niagara falls), the Michigan trip with my mom (MI, WI, MN)...

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Welp, I've got the Western Continental states covered. Countries would be boring. Just here, Canada, and Mexico. =/
My wonderful Meg kitty.


Normality has been restored.

I met the guy who had the board up on ebay. He happened to live in Santa Cruz, so I explained my predicament. He CANCELLED the auction and sold the board to me directly.

Supposedly, he makes more this way (without ebay fees) and stuff, but that's fine by me. The board was a more than reasonable price and came with a gigabyte of RAM.

So, effectively, littlegreenmen is bigger and badder than ever.

Some trouble replacing the board though. I still have plastic standoffs in a couple of places. Those were annoying to get rid of.

After the board was replaced, it apparently was making contact with the board at some point. Got that squared away...

Then littlegreenmen wasn't on the net. Apparently, everything _BUT_ my NIC survived the previous motherboard. Luckily, this board came with an eepro100 NIC. As luck would have it, I had two NICS in the old system. The one that burnt out was my 8129too. The other one was a loopback and an eepro100 as well.

Fate took even more pity on me by keeping the same order. The NIC in the old one still initializes as eth1 and the onboard one comes in as eth0.

The only other oddity was that there's a phantom ide2 and ide3 that I haven't tracked down yet. I had to change around my drive letters, but that was easy.


And best of all, an email came in from delays from some dude that knows my friend Kerry. She apparently referred him to me because I am "the biggest Linux geek ever". That has a way of brightening up one's day.

Oooh! And _EVEN BETTER_!!!

I started up Logan Whitehurst music immediately. *sighs* What a way to make up for all the crap I've gone through. 8)
My wonderful Meg kitty.

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(16:32:06) CERisE8192: The board?
(16:32:11) CERisE8192: It's a Tyan Thunderbolt.
(16:32:14) CERisE8192: 440 GX chipset
(16:33:46) Alex: any particular occasion?
(16:34:14) CERisE8192: Yeah...The old one died.
(16:34:36) CERisE8192: Before today, l was down for...man...a week and a half?
(16:34:48) Alex: oh man
(16:34:58) CERisE8192: some of the capacitors were bad and wiped out the board.
(16:35:08) CERisE8192: also took out one of my NICs as collateral damage
(16:35:14) Alex: =/
(16:35:19) Alex: what were u doing to it?
(16:35:54) CERisE8192: Nothing.
(16:36:00) CERisE8192: That's caused by substandard caps =/
(16:36:36) Alex: i had a MB go down on me before
(16:36:42) Alex: mine was far more... entertaining
(16:36:44) CERisE8192: Wow. Was it good for you? ; )
(16:36:48) Alex: haha
(16:37:04) Alex: by MB i mean megababe
(16:37:18) CERisE8192: Nice try, jocko.