January 26th, 2004

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Bill Gates is to be knighted.

In an amazingly short-sighted statement by Foreign Secretary Jack Straw:
"(Gates) is one of the most important business leaders of his age,"

Let's see....Important by:
1) Running competition out of business through unfair business practices.

2) Creating what is arguably the worst OS in the history of mankind.

3) Offering up every Windows users' personal information up to any semi-interested cracker/script kiddie through obvious security holes.

4) Allowing the Internet to brought to its knees by several viruses propagated by our good friends at Redmond.

5) By and large attempting to eliminate the biggest improvement in the way that computers are used these days: Open Source software.

6) Fostering a techno-feeb...sorry, i mean techno-phobic...culture of people who believe that software is a bad thing to involve because it will lead to computer crashes and hackers [sic] who will cause horrible things to happen.

Being an example of an irresponsible capitalist with rather limited donations to charities. Most of the old time folks donated 5% of their worth a year. Bill Gates (even with his foundation) is only good for about 2 or 3% yearly.

I'll admit freely that I'm attributing more to him than is perhaps necessary, but these are not traits to be rewarded with a knighthood.

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My wonderful Meg kitty.

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CERisEDownstairs: So how exactly are you like an operating system?
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