January 21st, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

Fun with folks and their away messages

Beware lest you leave up an interesting away message ; )

(17:13:27) CERisEDownstairs: What caused the big bang?
(17:13:28) Athena <AUTO-REPLY> : I fell into a black hole and w
as divided by zero.
(17:45:22) CERisEDownstairs: Why does your brain lack the functions it does?
(17:45:22) Athena <AUTO-REPLY> : I fell into a black hole and w
as divided by zero.
(17:45:28) CERisEDownstairs: Ahh. Good reason that ; )
(21:49:57) CERisEDownstairs: What's your favorite part of going to the bathroom?
(21:49:58) NumberEight <AUTO-REPLY> : [Away for 14m] eating, bbl
(21:49:58) NumberEight:
(21:50:00) CERisEDownstairs: ack!
(17:42:22) CERisEDownstairs: If you were going to go postal, where's the first place you'd start shooting?
(17:42:22) NumberEight: <AUTO-REPLY> : [Away for 5:46m] on campus
(17:42:23) NumberEight:
(17:42:34) CERisEDownstairs: I'll keep that in mind and stay far from campus then. Thanks 8)
My wonderful Meg kitty.

While I'm at it

An interesting discussion cropped up in fogeygoff and hamradio. While this is not out of the ordinary, that goths and hams find a common thread is rather odd.

In the goth community, people are vaguely complaining about how easy it is for new goths to get fishnets and so on.

In the ham community, people are vaguely complaining about the privileges new hams get for a basic license.

The thread? Old people griping about new folks having it easy.

What makes this something more than just an old guy telling you about whatever is that these are about communities. If it's easier to be a ham/goth/whatever, then that's a mark of the community growing.

If the community is growing, then the community is adapting and getting an influx of fresh new ideas and surviving.

If the community is stagnate, then it eventually dies.

Given the choice, I'll take growth and possibly lame people calling themselves the same thing as I call myself.

It seems like lots of people think otherwise (cf. last rant about cliques). It all seems to relate to people wanting to feel special and especially wanting them.

In the mean time, Freeway (my cat) has taken up residence on one of the boxes of disks. If one didn't look carefully, one might wonder where I found a cat shaped box of disks.

Oooh, wait, now she's stalking a bug.

She really is disgustingly cute...