January 8th, 2004

My wonderful Meg kitty.

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Sure, I'm doing this mostly because relsqui is looking over my shoulder, but hush.

So she's in TBA (ask her if you must). And she shows me this golem trigger that she made. It's mildly amusing.

It's even more amusing when I notice the first line of the description: "The golem is at least nine hands tall"....

Elsewhere it's described as "the hulking gray golem"...

Let's see...

                   6 inches       1 foot 
9 hands * -------------- * ----------- = 54 inches
                   1 hand        12 inches

I can honestly say that I have never heard of a hulking thing referred to as "at _least_ 4 and a half feet tall"...

After some teasing she made it eighteen hands tall. This after years of puzzled mudders, I'm sure.

hehehe: "Dude! The hulk is at LEAST 3 feet tall!!!!"

Addendum: She's trying to tell me that TBA is not a MUD now. Ha! You telnet in. Multiple Users use it and interact
with each other in a DND-esque way in Dungeon-esque ways (at least as often as MUDs occur in dungeons anyway).
But...y'know...it's not a MUD ; )