December 26th, 2003

I am not a number

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So Chuck (AKA Dad II) walks in last night and says
"I need a program."

There are many good ways to get my attention. There
are several excellent ways to get my attention.

This is even better.

So we start chatting around and what he wants is
a flash card program. Not too troublesome.

He wants it to adjust probabilities though. Such
that if you get one wrong, you see it more often.

If there's a slam dunk question and you get it
right 3x, it's eliminated from the pool.

Somewhere in all this, he said something about it
being done in an hour.

I think I took a little longer.

So it's on littlegreenmen. It uses a sh frontend
in /opt/frontend called flash. The program itself
is /usr/bin/flash. You pass it the name of the
flash card file. A brief example file:

Whose initials are J.C.?
Jack Daniels!
What are Jack Daniels's initials?
J.D. you dimwit! You thought they were J.C.?

I'll post the source later. I gotta run though.
I think it's probably in
but I've been known to be wrong before.

In other news, Chuck now has an account on
littlegreenmen. I've heard from Fizz on several
occasions that he's wanted to play with Linux.

Now he has his chance 8) And AOL free email. And
web space. And if he breaks anything, it's not
his job to fix it ; )

Glad I put in that new 120 gig on lgm before I
left. I'm proud that it is now running the two
best available ATA drives in the world. Woooooo
IBM/Hitachi =D
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