December 25th, 2003

My wonderful Meg kitty.


So I was chuckling at Fizz today while she feebly attempted to play Uplink.

Not because she's an inferior Uplink player, but rather because her windows
box was almost completely unable to figure out exactly how this whole playing
a game thing was supposed to work.

Way slow (the music was choppy) and AIM occasionally broke into the middle of
things. It was an amusing situation after having spent the week in front of

Then she mentioned something about having a book by the computer. And then it
hit me.

When windows crashes, people do other things that don't break (like, say, reading
books) which can be useful. Linux sucks you into a neverending addiction where
you're unable to get up from bed for just a second because you decide that there's
8 billion different ways that your computer should be cooler and you can accomplish
that with a few short command lines.

Damn you Linux! Now I know why I had way more spare time 7 years ago!