Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

I'm alive, barely.

My schedule Friday:
Work until 10p, stay up until 2am packing everything

Wake up at 7:30, become a human at 8:30, get to Santa Clara at 9:00, eat IHOP until 10. Spend the next half hour waiting for CAX to open. Go up to the hotel room at 2 am (when CAX closed that night). Shower and stuff -- zonk at 4am.

Wake up at 9am. Pack everything up, put it in the car, and check out. Consider breakfast options at the bar. Catch up with a couple of people and get in the hall at 10:30a. Play games -- mostly pinball until 9pm when CAX closed for the year. Go out to dinner with friends, go home at around midnight. Do various duties and zonk a little later.

I am soooooooooooo tired and soooooooooooooo sore. It's a mixture of being on my feet for almost the whole weekend and playing pinball which made my forearms sore from pushing the machines around a bunch.

Good things:
1) Caught up meerkat's opera singing friend J~.
2) Heard Steve Ritchie tell the story that inspired him to make High Speed. Saw him at the bar later.
3) Watched a film about The Rockafire Explosion -- that was weird.
4) Met a couple of people (E~ & C~) who exhibit a few games. Spent a long time talking to C~ about games, especially Risk. I suggested using Chez Geek to introduce her friends to the term S.O. Decided it was too much work.
5) Met L~ and E~ -- two lovely ladies who I spent a large part of the evening and next morning with. I introduced them to video games (they came for the pinball) and played a ton of pinball with them. E~'s really good. I managed to beat her a couple of times which made me feel like I'm improving a lot.
6) Caught up with gemlikeflame & 17 year old.
7) Got a chance to talk to Mark Alpiger and reintroduce myself -- it's been a while and we never really seem to talk at length because he's doing stuff. He demonstrated a few things about the DIP switches on Galaga '88. Talked for a bit about the gummy substance that DQ'd one of Steve Wiebe's board with a couple of other guys (Paul mostly).
8) Played sooooooooooo many video games
9) Owned the high scores on point attack for Propcycle both days (they reset when they turn the power off) and finished the story mode both days. I can now do the final stage (Solitar) in my sleep. Sometimes, I still need a continue for the third level in story mode. It's close though. Next year, I bet I'll be able to do it.

A couple of things that cracked me up:
1) L~ freaking out over Steve Ritchie
2) Steve Ritchie comments during his talk:
When showing a stain on a carpet in the Stern boardroom:
"Well, there it is. The dead rat. It's a stain, but it's a dead rat stain if ever I saw one. Ask anyone about it, it's a landmark." (It really *does* look like a dead rat).

Showing a couch in a cow-orker's office at Stern:
"You don't want to sit on that couch. You don't want to sit on that couch. You'd sooner sit on the floor, but look at the floor!"

Talking about his desk over by all the lovely HR ladies:
"Well, hey. I've always said my business is a great way to meet guys."

(Unrelated: Steve Ritchie in IRC!)

3) Some of the mockumentary bits of The Rockafire Explosion. Weird movie -- worth watching once for the weirdness.
4) I was playing pinball and I got the machine into a loop. It'd go into a socket, score a bunch of points, pop out again, hit a bumper, and go right back in. When it passed L~'s score, I called her attention to it. She started trying to bump the machine with her hips and the coin door popped open and wouldn't close. I was still racking up points.

Things for next year: Bring a camera. There were some scores that were picture worthy.

Ok, hopefully I'll be in better shape tomorrow after a nice long zonk. My forearms are killing me.
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