Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Man -- putting connections back together is rough on one's hands!

I made a trip to Fry's and switched my 360 and PS3 to use HDMI, the Wii to use component, and cleaned up the composite switching mess significantly.

So far -- the PS3 is vastly improved by being over HDMI. The 360 looks exactly like it was.

I'm waiting to get the new cable receiver (I'll do that on Monday) before I reattach everything over coax (that's my Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Genesis, and Master System).

While I was at Fry's, I picked up a few audio cables to hook up external speakers to the TV and a spare VGA and 3.5mm audio cable for the next time philled2thebrim comes by.

I also scored a blue ray copy of Speed Racer. I think I'll watch that later this evening.

One thing that surprised me was that my instinct was correct -- you can find reasonably priced cables at Fry's. You just have to look a little harder. 8)
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