Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

So, this weekend, I did my traditional zipping down to LA for the Festival of Books. wimpdork signed up to be a passenger/cupholder/CD changer/countermass.

In general, it was smaller than years past -- I suppose this is to be expected. There were fewer panels and only two of the giant communal crossword puzzles.

We met up with zweeb, his brother, and greenbuttercup. We saw a panel on social networking at the beginning -- the real draw to it was Wil Wheaton. I regret having fought the desire to get up and ask a question -- I was going to make Wil Wheaton lose the game.

Ray Bradbury changed his talk ever-so-slightly. He had the actor who will play Montag in the upcoming
"Fahrenheit 451" production on stage and in character at the beginning. After the short performance, Bradbury threatened to not come back next year unless the Los Angeles Times restores its book review section. You'd better get in gear, LA Times! He's the main reason I come down every year and spend way-too-much on books.

I ran across another Ray -- Ray Friesen of Don't Eat Any Bugs productions and purchased a copy of his latest work -- "Cupcakes of Doom". He and his mom remember me from years past -- it's always nice to see them.

Hi-De-Ho was responsible for a chunk of my wallet not coming back. There was a very exciting discovery: Quite some time ago, stonesundial gave me a couple of books. One entitled "Giraffes? Giraffes!" and the other being "Your Disgusting Head". They're very silly and I thoroughly enjoyed them. As it happens, these are made by McSweeney's and they were there with two new ones about giant squids and cold fusion!

Right next (tent?), the 826 writing tutor folk were attempting to create the world's longest story. I contributed a line, as did wimpdork.

The line of the trip for me was "I love people who bring the plague out in public".

And on Sunday, I brought Tori Amos home. But that's another story for another time.

EDIT: Oh yeah! I forgot. On Saturday morning, we had awesome strawberry waffles made by a Belgian lady. Best $5 I've ever spent on food.
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