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So, right now, I'm in a cafe in Warszawa called W Biegu Cafe. It… - CERisE's Testing for L

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March 9th, 2009

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04:41 am
So, right now, I'm in a cafe in Warszawa called W Biegu Cafe. It seems to translate to "Coffee on the Run". Internet's touch and go, as meerkat's place doesn't have it, so I'm only online when I step out of the continual list of treks from place to place to outfit her home.

The pictures are uploaded at least.

Postcards still need sending. =/ I'm getting on that.

Last night was pasta & beer. The number's increased. The one I couldn't remember before was Tatra. Last night, I had a Zuhr and a taste of meerkat's Zywiec Porter.

People in Warszawa are still terribly nice. Last night, a couple of people gave up their seats for us and our way-too-many groceries. We also ran into a young couple who were kinda helping us in our quest for a otwarte butelka -- more on that later. While trekking around two days ago, I ran into a guy who *wanted* to have a conversation with me in spite of the fact that I spoke no Polish and he spoke no English and we didn't have any other common tongues. Lots of passing a dictionary back and forth there.

Also, you'll notice I finally adopted the Polish spelling of Warszawa -- they pronounce it something like Vharshava.

I can successfully order things like a Pole -- the guy behind the counter here had no idea that I'm not Polish. I call that a victory.

I'll be back to my usual habits in a couple days. I'll miss meerkat and the city, but I also miss home some. Brief stop off to see people in Chicago. If you're there and you want to hang out ~9pm on Monday - ~7am on Tuesday, drop me a comment 8) I got a fun layover!

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