Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Well, there we are folks.

Thanksgiving was done away with. I had a wonderful dinner at meerkat's parents's place. It was one of those weird dinners where you realize that you don't have to pick and choose your favorites and avoid the stuff you don't like because everything on the table was really good! 8)

A billion thanks to philled2thebrim for watching the kittens!

The drive down was a bit of a pain -- it ended up taking 14 hours from when I left my place in Fremont with 30mins loading the car, an hour having dinner at Harris Ranch (mmmmm steak), and probably another hour or so of getting gas in various places. It was all sorts of rainy and we went by a number of people who had spun out and were sitting either in the middle of the roadway or off to the side with their hazard lights on. Additionally, traffic stopped dead a couple of times.

Despite that, I was *REALLY* awake when we got there. I had to read for about an hour or so before I hit a point where I wanted to sleep.

The drive up was also irksome. We were departing from farther North, but it still took about 8 hours to get to meerkat's with severe traffic on the 5. We got off at Kettleman City, figuring we'd get some food and wait out the traffic a bit. So did everyone else. Thanks to a bit of craftiness on my part, we managed to get In-N-Out and avoid the worst of the crowd.

Apparently there were a bunch of people driving North from LA to see an Oakland Raiders game. That was kinda weird.

Traffic on 152 was sparse, but very, very foggy. That slowed me down a lot.

After dropping meerkat off, I had an uneventful drive home.

I really miss LA. Saw zweeb and greenbuttercup. We played Guitar Hero: World Tour & Rock Band 2 -- neither of which I've played before. Then we started on Mario Kart Wii.

gemlikeflame: I understand what you mean about it and I've since bought a copy 8) Great fun!

I finished off Outliers. Good book. A little longer than it needed to be and his thesis, as always, is one you have to take with a grain of salt. He basically says that success is hard work by way of doing a lot of something to get good at it. The successful people are the ones who get lucky in some way or another and start getting good at it before everyone else such that they have a leg up on everyone else. He illustrates this with computer programmers, Jewish immigrants, and hockey players quite nicely.

I'm retackling Traffic. It's starting to be a book that I trudge through rather than read, sadly.

A friend of mine is coming over, so I'm going to cut this short. Besides -- that wasn't even interesting. That was just, like, a diary entry. Don't you people have exciting lives to live? ;)
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