Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Been a while, neh?

Well, it's going to be even longer. 8) I'm about to crash out and zzzzzzzzz for the upcoming drive. You know how birds fly South for the winter? Well, I'm a little late, but I'm going to fly at low altitude drive South to follow them. Or at least one in particular. It's a turkey. And I'm gonna make like Fat Bastard and yell at it to "GET IN MAH BELLEH!" going to have a *lovely* meal with meerkat & family.

There's SO MUCH STUFF TO TYPE, but that is all that I will offer at the moment.

Additionally, I'll offer a few thoughts along the lines of preemptive Happy Annual Cannibalism Thanksgiving, gentlefolk. May the bird be the word.
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