Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

One last political post

The numbers I have for the electoral vote count are 364-163 which sounds dangerously close to 'landslide'. Certainly compared to Bush v. Kerry (286-251). At the time, I remember people complaining about the electoral vote counts and comparing the popular vote count. The popular vote count was 62,040,610 to 59,028,444 which sounds pretty darn close. I remember Condi Rice saying that this was a mandate and that more people had voted for Bush than any other president in history. In general, Republicans were happy and celebratory. Democrats were crestfallen and the usual tripe about moving to Canada was tossed around.

Someone else mentioned to me that the reverse is true as well. More people voted against him than any other president in history. By and large, people felt 2k4 had been stolen like 2k was stolen.

This is a good sample of something I heard after Obama won:
We showed last night that the partisanship that might have worked for Dubya has no place on the national level.

It's liberating and wonderful to hear and it's exactly dead wrong. The popular vote totals were 64,336,982 to 56,683,477. How do you expect to say that partisanship is gone when this election went against the will of 46% of the people?

Republicans of 2k8 -- you feel the way Democrats felt in 2k4.
Democrats of 2k8 -- you feel the way Republicans felt in 2k4.

Get a hold of yourself people. Nothing's changed yet. All that's changed is that the first president of partial African-American descent was elected. Our country is still deeply divided and partisan. The only difference is that most of my flist is on the winning side this time.
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