Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Stuff! Things!

Busy busy busy:

Friday, meerkat came up to visit. philled2thebrim had car troubles, so I gave him a jump which seemed to resolve things.

Saturday, johngalt came into town. We spent some time doing nothing in particular. philled2thebrim called again about car troubles, so we got a bit more serious. We took his car to Kragen, got the battery tested, worked out that the battery was bad after all, and swapped it.

One minor problem -- that triggered the alarm. Quick disconnect of the battery and we start the next phase of the wild goose chase.

philled2thebrim had the alarm remote, but the battery had run out. Since those need to be programmed, we couldn't merely replace the battery in the remote. After a bit of googling, we noticed a correlation with a button very near the floor on the driver's side and the alarm. Turn the ignition key on, hold down the button, and voila.

(As it happens, johngalt is really freaked out about batteries. At one point, when he was reconnecting it, I yelled "BZZZZT!" which got a good jump out of him and a couple of epithets 8)

Yesterday, johngalt and I went to Santa Cruz. We had Jack's, hung out with meerkat at the library, looked around campus, and then went off to Karaoke. I was sure the place was going to be closed, but fortunately my past experience proved to not repeat itself.

I'm pretty sleep deprived right now, but still trying to keep the crank turning. Tonight, after all, is game night.

Also: quick poll. Does "thought" rhyme with "not"? What about "naught"?
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