Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

23:24 < haroot> isaacs: Ru running gentoo in ucsc?
23:24 < isaacs> haroot, no. i'm in scotts valley
23:25 < haroot> heh
23:25 < haroot> If I only knew where that was exactly
23:25 < haroot> how do you like gentoo so far?
23:26 < isaacs> great. love it. can't believe cerise_ had to break my legs to 
                get me to try it
23:26 < haroot> lol

In other news, Arrakis (relsquis router) lost the last sector on its hard drivve today. That doesn't seem so bad...except for the part where it's using XFS and XFS won't mount if it's log is unreadable. As a result, that computer is more or less dead.

Fortunately, I was able to boot from the Gentoo CD and setup all the NAT stuff through iptables. I even compiled udhcp on l, unpacked it on Arrakis, and started it up again.

I have a 4 gig drive at home that I'll bring up next time and slap in. Hopefully all that compiling won't all be for naught. I imagine I'll be able to simply cat the partition over and handle things on the larger drive.

At least I won't have to be quite so stingy. I was clearing out /usr/portage/distfiles, /var/tmp/portage, and /usr/share/doc every time merger completed. GNOME and KDE could probably find room on that system to impress the mundanes.

Fortunately appear (the portage frontend I wrote) makes it pretty easy to drop in and forget about.
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