Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Time, in some ways, has ceased to have meaning to me. In particular, I'm going to tell you a story. It's recent, so long as you figure a month ago is "recent". 8)

meerkat and I were in San Diego. One evening, it was decided that the way to best spend our evening was downtown San Diego. Among other things, we saw throngs of people, a complete lack of parking, and two bicycle-driven rickshaws carrying three or four *very* drunk high school-ish girls each. They were apparently friends and the two bicyclists were passing each other to their endless (and loudly) expressed delight.

You could hear these girls blocks away. Given their style of dress, meerkat saw fit to deem them "hoes on parade" -- a
phrasing I've found more and more use for, as it happens.

Eventually, we found a spot and we decided to go to the top of the Hyatt hotel. They had a dark lounge with candlelit tables and the low murmur of many conversations.

We had a couple of drinks -- I introduced meerkat to a sidecar, thinking of the hoes on parade who were no doubt still shouting their heads off in drunken ecstasy.

What happened at the bar is less important than what happened after we left. In particular, we happened to head out at the same time the table behind us. I pressed the button for the elevator and one of the guys from the other table went down with the two of us.

The Hyatt's a pretty big building, so we had a bit of time on the way down. The guy struck up a conversation. Somewhere in there, he mentioned that he was visiting from Chicago. I mentioned that, despite my fondness for pizza, I've never been to Chicago. He started on about how I had to go to Chicago. Sensing a bit of amusement, I asked him what I should go do in Chicago. He ran off a list -- hot dogs, pizza, State Street, Michigan Street among the bits I remember.

We got to the bottom and hung out a bit while his buddies were on the way down. He got around to asking why we were there. We mentioned that we were visiting and he asked from where.

Now -- at this point -- this guy was obviously a bit deep into his cups. Nothing wrong with that, but around drunks, there's a sort of conversational anticipation. They come up with things they should say and then look for the opportunity to use them. I could tell from the guy's body language that he already knew exactly what he was going to say.

As it happens, I threw him a curveball. I said "Northern California".

With great aplomb and sincerity, he said "Oh, that's a beautiful city!"

I don't think he realized it, but meerkat and I snickered quietly to ourselves. A moment later, his buddies were down and we went our separate ways. meerkat whispered into my ear: "Did that guy just call Northern California a city?"

Every so often, one of us has occasion to say to the other: "Oh, that's a beautiful city". 8)

Incidentally, I expect a little flak from you Chicagoans (would-be and otherwise). Especially since I am going up to Seattle this weekend to visit the inimitable lishd and gorthok. As it happens, he will have just aged another year. This will no doubt be celebrated by the installation of the One True Distro.

Probably lots of King's Quest VI as well -- but that's a side note.

In other news, the wonderful little mistresses of fluffy and fuzzy aged another year and it passed without note in my journal! This is an outrage! Where's the manager? I want my money back!

They are likely to be the cutest 3 year olds I know.
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