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Ok -- I've been having trouble posting, so I'm forcing myself to do… - CERisE's Testing for L — LiveJournal

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July 21st, 2008

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09:40 am
Ok -- I've been having trouble posting, so I'm forcing myself to do this.

I've been without internet since like 2 weeks ago. Life is weird. Current estimate is Wednesday if I'm lucky.

California Extreme is still awesome. I managed two wins on Propcycle and a whole lot of pinball. Black Knight 2000 is quite possibly the neatest pinball machine ever. The show was a bit thinner this year -- there were apparently a lot of cancellations. Still, Tapper, Propcycle, Rush 2049, and Food Fight were there. That's more than enough to keep me happy. nyankoframe and meerkat were along as well.

No auction either. This is probably a Good Thing(tm).

We found that the solution to the girl who won't play video games is pinball. We spent hours going down the lines. Did I
mention I played a lot of pinball? Lots of warlords was played. That game is seriously one of the best games ever for multiplayer madness. I actually got kinda good at it.

I'm working on expanding Cabinet's game playing capabilities. I'm working on a wrapper for simple text based games that don't require terminal capabilities. Fluxx is undergoing a redesign to provide a basis for other card games.

A few brief forays into artificial intelligence: Cabinet now has an ability that a product I used to work on had. It'll look through wikipedia and find related articles and facts. at times, it has been able to answer questions that you typically see in IRC. For example,
Person A: Dude, I love watching John Malkovich.
Person B: Who the fuck is John Malkovich?
Cabinet: John Gavin Malkovich (born December 9, 1953) is a two-time Academy Award-nominated American actor, producer and director.

A fun thought occurred to me about ethics from an omniscient perspective.

That's for later. For now. WORK EAT SLEEP WORK EAT SLEEP


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Date:July 24th, 2008 06:39 pm (UTC)

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