Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

There is no payoff to this. Just a snapshot of what sort of things I wear/want to wear/will wear

<Fredd> Well hey, fashion man
<Fredd> You got me thinking
<Fredd> I don't dress NEARLY flashy enough
<Fredd> so, throw some ideas at me
<Fredd> Please?
<root> haha
<Fredd> I mean hell I try to look good
<Fredd> sometimes
<root> Wear a cape.
<Fredd> I have collared shirts, an--cape?
<Fredd> WHY A CAPE
<root> Why not?
<Fredd> because a) if I make a cape, it'll look like shit b) if I buy a cape: where do you buy a cape?
<root> I dunno -- sounds like someone's got some googling to do. 8)
<Fredd> but wow, um, good brainspunk there
<Fredd> any, uh, more conventional ideas?
<Fredd> masks and gloves are next, eh?
<root> conventional, schmonventional.
<Fredd> I like the idea of a cape, I really do
<root> Dude -- I've been wearing goggles every time I leave the house for the last 3 months
<Fredd> how'd you start on that?
<root> I get the occasional weird look.
<root> Some people think I'm a motorcyclist, actually
<root> but, by and large, I get pretty good comments.
<Fredd> Do you wear them on your head or your eyes?
<Fredd> like an aspie
<root> I wear them on my eyes when I'm outside and on my forehead when I'm inside
<root> they're surprisingly effective as sunglasses
<root> They cover peripheral vision *very* nicely
<Fredd> "cover"
<root> also, because of the elastic band, you never lose the damn things. They never come off your head.
<root> They're utilitarian *and* flashy 8)
<Fredd> Well, capes and goggles.
<Fredd> YOu really like superheros, huh
<root> Believe it or not, neither one was an inspiration there.
<Fredd> I can understand wearing goggles
<Fredd> I can understand a cape, too.
<Fredd> (I've secretly always wanted a half-cape)
<root> It's not a half cape, but it'll definitely get attention!
<root> I'm actually still looking for a good leather aviator cap.
<Fredd> nice
<Fredd> if..a bit steampunk
<root> Wear breeches!
<Fredd> NO
<root> Or a kilt, for that matter.
<Fredd> and kilts are coooold
<Fredd> I mean like
<Fredd> balls freezin' cold
<root> They are not.
<Fredd> Interesting ideas, though
<root> Take a plain white frisbee and strap it to your back.
<root> (a la Tron)
<Fredd> Since we're discussing outlandish fashions: platform shoes
<Fredd> I'm not sure how that would work out, but I know high heels have this POSTURE THING that would definitly help
<Fredd> but, heels are a bit girly. I'd settle for platforms
<Fredd> also, toe room.
<Fredd> Also, space to hide TOOLS
<root> Platform shoes are too much trouble, IMO.
<root> They get in the way
<Fredd> how so?
<Fredd> driving?
<root> Driving. Running.
<root> Kicking down doors.
<Fredd> Oooh, hadn't thought of that.
<Fredd>, that' that'd be awesome
<root> Wear a bowler cap with a feather in the band.
<root> Wear a utility belt.
<Fredd> I actually considered that
<Fredd> a tool vest would be better
<root> A nice padded vest in general.
<Fredd> in leather, with back bracing
<Fredd> lots of pockets and slots to put things in
<root> That, or a really nice silk shirt with a silk vest.
<Fredd> Too delicate for me.
<root> That's very Hero's Quest II
<Fredd> ??
<root> One sec.
<Fredd> nice life jacket
<root> Watching Back to the Future I?
<Fredd> <- Just rewards for googling
<root> ...
<Fredd> also
<root> Wear a gas mask around your neck.
<Fredd> ..
<Fredd> okay look
<Fredd> that's fucking creepy
<Fredd> something I do NOT need help with
<root> In fact, dress exactly like Mel Gibson did in Mad Max
<Fredd> oh man that could be so awesome
<Fredd> wait a minute..
<Fredd> you've been taking all your cues from sci fi shit!
<root> Not at all.
<Fredd> you keep referencing it!
<root> I've never seen breeches in sci-fi
<root> unless you count "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" or "The Time Machine"
<Fredd> which I do.
<Fredd> I do like older clothes. I'd wear a top hat if I could find an affordable one.
<root> and I clearly referenced a video game earlier.
<Fredd> Also, canes.
<root> and when have you ever seen a bowler hat in sci-fi?
<root> I mean, apart from Firefly
<Fredd> Eesh, that's a hard one
<Fredd> I guess I'd have to say
<Fredd> Firefly
<Fredd> where do you get your ideas?
<root> Well -- Ok, one of them *MIGHT* be sci-fi
<root> *MAYBE*
<root> video games.
<Fredd> Do they just come to you?
<Fredd> Oh.
<root> Japan.
<root> As a whole. Japan.
<Fredd> well, character design in most raptors IS pretty cool
<root> They're so lovingly insane
<Fredd> sexample pls
<root> Easiest one to mind: Any character from Speed Racer.
<Fredd> not familiar
<root> Or, in the case of the movie, the outfit Trixie wears in the helicopter.
<Fredd> was hoping for link to pics
<root> Ok, so starting from 1:44 in
<Fredd> first impressions
<Fredd> a kids movie gone..way too srs
<root> It's going to be awesome.
<root> Shut up.
<Fredd> looks like it has potential
<Fredd> they certainly have enough awesome characters
<Fredd> it looks like lazytown + racing
<Fredd> okay so what about the way she dresses?
<root> The use of color, mostly.
<root> That and those funny glasses.
<root> Actually -- there's a lot of strange eyewear that works well in there.
<root> Bandannas never go out of style, btw.
<root> Also -- enormous sombreros.
<root> People *love* 'em.
<Fredd> right
<root> I walked around the Empire State Building with one
<Fredd> you made tons of friends, you felt loved, et cetera
<root> Well -- I walked around with two friends and everyone else smiled, laughed, and chatted me up.
<root> They also drew on me.
<root> but that's another story for another time.
<Fredd> drawing on clothes = fun
<root> Also -- hypercolor and day-glo stuff.
<root> Neon tubes.
<Fredd> I do think the world needs more bright colors. Your advice is saaaage
<root> Also -- wear a fez.
<Fredd> Okay now you're just fucking with me.
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