Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Hmm, what's new...

Arrakis (The routing computer at relsquis
parents home) is now running Gentoo Linux

It's been a marginal trial because the disk drive
is about a gigabyte in size total.

I'm trying to get X on here by compiling it on l
and moving it over, but no luck so far =/

I met leathermessiah not so very long ago
She was at Coquelet when relsqui and I went.
She strikes me as someone I'd like to actually chat with
instead of the yammer-and-run sessions we've had thus far.

Hung out with koneko666 and watched Pulp Fiction.
I haven't seen that movie in too long =/ I almost
forgot that it was shot in LA. The scene that reminded
me was when Butch (the boxer) goes back to his apartment
for the watch.

I've seen squeekiemouse a few times. She's
coming by tomorrow after school.

I'm glad that my gal has lots of neat people as friends 8)

Future plans: I'll be leaving for LA with relsqui,
stonesundial, and a bunch of other folks
on the 17th. I want to get back to SC before then
and meet my new housemate within the context of the

Sorry about the mass updates to all. I've been
trying not to use the graphical computer and since
I can't see my comics on the router (yet), I've
avoided checking my LJ.

Ok. That's all.

Oooh! I'm about halfway through relsqui's
book about knights, spies, and pirates. I've read
through 3 separate victories in my other book. I
remain amazed that we weren't re-annexed by England
in the war of 1812. The war was intended to be an
aggressive war and yet we only managed to take little
bits and pieces of Canada at a time.

Ok. Really. That's all folks ; )
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