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The week at a glance:
Monday: Rocked Rock Band all night long -- three back-to-back guitar songs perfected!
Tuesday: Went to FAST. Became really depressed with the quality of the work that commands a Ph.D. in Computer Science.
Wednesday: Hung out with meerkat at some mixture of 99 Bottles, West Cliff, and her place. So many things to say about it.
Thursday: Went down for a poetry slam at Cowell at the invitation of theotherchicago. Nearly destroyed the poor MC with the suggestion that people who wanted to go home instead of listen to more poetry were sissies. It turned out not to suck as much as I thought it had the potential to. Jack in the Box was consumed as a matter of course.
Friday: Set about the process of packing everything up at work -- we'll be in a new building next week. A bigger one. I'll move in all of my toys. 8)

Cleaning proceeds apace. Yet another of the wardrobe boxes in the front room was emptied.

Today: I heard from relsqui that Wilbur -- her grandfather -- had passed away this morning. I didn't have the opportunity to know Wilbur as well as I would have liked. He had an excellent sense of humor and that was apparent in all of his handiwork that I ever saw. He was appreciative of wit and we had a couple of good conversations passing the time while I was out there. I was always a little sorry that I never got the chance to see his print shop in use. When he went into care, the press and components were given away.

I'm told he just made it to 91 and that he was in some discomfort near the end. It was his time, but time isn't the way we think of people, and it's little consolation when you're faced with loss.

The last time I was out there, I had my sombrero from Cancun. He was quite taken with it. I had been thinking about how to get a similar one for him, but it seems that I didn't go about that quickly enough.

stonesundial left in a hurry a few weeks or so ago. It was spur of the moment and it seems to have been the right time for it. She's still out there now and likely helping take care of things.

A memorial as such is unlikely, though URI's journalism department may yet do something. He was very involved there and was awarded an honorary Ph.D for his work.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman.

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