Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Ok. Quite a bit late, but here it is: My resolutions for the new year.

(1440x800, 1600x1200...)
(hur hur hur.)
(Hey, would you shut up in the peanut gallery? Some of us are trying to pay attention here.)

1. Eliminate all of the wardrobe boxes in the living room -- organize my living space.
2. Instead of spending my newfound capital, start saving up for a house. It's time I had a place that I can hack up without having to answer to anyone but myself.
3. Stop cruising for an early out by heart attack. I need to start watching cholesterol levels and working out. The latter will be greatly facilitated in February when I'll have a gym at my workplace and no girl to rush home for.
4. Subplot of 3: I'm not getting any younger. If I'm going to ever get better off than I was while playing hockey and practicing Tae Kwon Do, then I've got to get on that sooner rather than later.
5. Submit at least two papers for professional review. I'm not picky about the field (I've submitted papers in several); I'm just tired of my most recent being 5+ years ago.
6. Start taking classes to finish off the degree.
7. The big one: Seriously rethink how I deal with humans. #10 has claimed that I treat people without emotion and cited that in her "good reason" to dump me. squeekiemouse has been upset at my treatment of emotions as overly rational. In general, I don't think being rational is a bad thing, but I'd like to consider presenting myself to people differently.

1 and 2 are a sort of infrastructural set of goals. 3 and 4 are fitness goals. 5 and 6 are towards my life goal. 7's a nebulous one.
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