Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

It is occasionally amusing, odd, and worrying to note how friends of mine see me (I am both cerise and root for various reasons).
22:15 < etarip> well i drove a bit
22:15 < etarip> and got distracted with xkcd channel
22:15 < etarip> which is far to big
22:16 < Haplo> Indeed.  
22:18 < etarip> i'm sad it had to change
22:18 < etarip> it really is too bad
22:18 < etarip> it was nice back when it was under 100, and half the people 
                were just idlers
22:19 < Bugle> Now there's a billion noise to 1 signal.
22:19 < Bugle> =\
22:19 < Haplo> Yep.
22:20 < etarip> it upsets me greatly though
22:20 < etarip> maybe if like root went back into the channel there would be a 
                mass exodus
22:20 < Bugle> XD
22:20 < Haplo> hee
22:20 < Bugle> So what...
22:20 < Bugle> cerise is a pest exterminator for IRC?
22:20 -!- Tess|Fortunate [] has 
          quit [Quit: ]
22:21 < etarip> hey, if the shoe fits
22:21 < Bugle> It's bad for skiing in.
22:21 < Bugle> >_>
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