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Yet another nerd test - CERisE's Testing for L

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September 3rd, 2007

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06:56 pm
Yet another nerd test

NerdTests.com says I'm a Highly Dorky Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!

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Date:September 5th, 2007 05:34 pm (UTC)
You owned me.

NerdTests.com says I'm an Uber Cool History / Lit Geek.  What are you?  Click here!

I actually don't understand how I scored so "high" in the other categories. Or even that high in History/Lit since there were barely any questions on that. Perhaps owning the Iliad helped. Psh. Lame. And how so low on dumb/dork/awkward?
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Date:September 26th, 2007 01:56 am (UTC)

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