Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

So, someone asked a question about archiving bits from the web. I responded with snag.

Someone else replied with what I believe to be in the class of the most abhorrent conceivable comments:

This is different from wget -r -m -np URI how?

1. It's apparent he didn't look very closely. Snag *can* be used for that, but that's rather like looking at an airplane and saying "This is different from a bicycle how?".
2. It makes my grammar senses tingle. Like one's leg does after you've been sitting on it for three years and you try to use it. I'm not a very good grammar Nazi. I screw up like everyone else does, but there's just something about a popularized construction with glaring errors that really drives me up the wall. It's like "hella".
3. There tends to be an implicit assertion that their tool of choice is better than the one suggested without evidence, so in this instance, it's like saying "I didn't have enough time to look at why your suggestion is different than this other one, so I'm going to suggest this other one in lieu of yours, and not bother to tell you why it's better."
4. If his assertion were true, this would be so unbelievably far from the first instance of code written to solve a problem that someone else already solved. Just because a problem has been solved does not mean that other solutions should not be sought. It's odd that someone technically inclined (and therefore, one might presume mathematically inclined) wouldn't recognize the value in rederiving a proof or multiple constructions of a proof.

Anyway, I pasted the help screen to him. Maybe if I give him the same information in multiple different ways, he'll get a clue and read it.

I've written a number of utilities and suggested them to people and it's because of this exact sort of brain virus that they never seem to get adopted. It took forever for someone to finally try appear.
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