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Not much to say these days. Working lots -- but not hard. It's fun… - CERisE's Testing for L — LiveJournal

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June 19th, 2007

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04:08 pm
Not much to say these days. Working lots -- but not hard. It's fun and the hours go quickly.

<root> What people don't realize and is never, ever, ever said
<root> is that if I recanted White's Zeroth Law, I'd be forced to employ real-world protocol.
<scooba> ah, yes?
<root> Which involves me using very, very, very, very poor, but hilariously funny pick-up lines.
<root> and no one wants that.
<scooba> .. RECANT!
<scooba> YEAH HUH.
<scooba> bad pick-up lines are the best.
<scooba> "is that a keg in yo' pants?  'cause i'd tap that ass." is the best i've heard to date.
<root> I can top that.
<scooba> recant. 
<scooba> then top it. :P
<root> Do you like math?  Because I'd like to add you and me, subtract your clothes, divide your legs, and multiply!
<scooba> :X that's pretty good.
<root> Thinking of you reminds me of Euclid.  Your curves remind me of all the lines I know and I desperately search for the correct angle to converse with you.
<root> and speaking of curves, I could demonstrate some fascination approximations for the area under your curves.
<scooba> aaahahahaaa.
<root> Like I said -- No one wants that at all.
<scooba> if anyone ever said that to me in a bar, i think i'd die giggling and buy them a drink for being so darn nerdy.
<root> Awwww....you're just saying that!
<scooba> haha totally not.
<root> If you were a chick, I'd blush.
<root> My repertoire actually has quite a range to it.  When I lived in the dorms, a friend of mine regularly threw large parties in his apartment
<root> It became a tradition of the evening that I would sit on a chair and a girl would be selected from the crowd to sit in my lap
<root> and then I would regale her and the crowd with pick up lines.
<scooba> aahaha.
<root> Also -- wrt the keg one.  I always preferred "Is that a mirror in your pants?  Because I can see myself in them."
<scooba> haha.
<scooba> well, the key in that one was the delivery.  my best friend's cutie pie of a little brother just kind of walked up to me at a party, gave me the once-over and the line, and then gave me this shit-grin and walked away.
<scooba> i almost died laughing.
<root> hahaha 8)

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