Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Hockey madness is in full swing for me. I typically don't hold much appreciation for sports, but the Stanley Cup playoffs are quite another matter for me. I'm not sure why. It doesn't usually hold my interest in the regular season, but the championships and the relative quality of the teams in play makes it awfully fun to watch in the playoffs.

I don't hold any particular preference for teams usually, excepting that I'll typically cheer for the underdog in the hopes of getting as much hockey in a series as possible. That being said, I am really hoping that Anaheim and San Jose defeat their opponents and meet in the Western conference finals.

Speaking of, I'll be foregoing the first Western conference game this evening in favor of game night -- we've been awfully bad about that of late with relsqui and I being sick.

This weekend, relsqui and I will be zipping down to LA again for the LA Times Festival of Books. Not much time to stop though -- we're heading down Friday evening, waking up Saturday morning to get tickets for various events, spending most of Saturday and Sunday doing festival like things, and then driving back up Sunday evening.

The lineup looks pretty good this year. Ray's scheduled to give a talk again in Royce Hall -- he hasn't done that for a couple of years. I imagine it'll be his usual speech, but he hasn't given that for a couple of years, so who knows what he'll do? It seems like he's been doing better since his stroke ~4 years ago now which I'm very pleased to see.

A few other names that leaped out at me were Jared Diamond, Paul Conrad, and Bill Amend. Cory Doctorow will also be there, though I'm not really much of a raving EFF fanboy. He is a good writer and it appears the panel he'll be on will be about sci-fi, so maybe I'll go for it. We'll see.

I've been watching a bit of MASH lately -- I've missed that show. Mike Farrell will apparently be there as well. I've been reading through wikipedia about it and remembering bits. They had a number of slip-ups and chronological mistakes which is understandable when you think about it -- it ran for 11 years on the subject of a 3 year conflict. Incidentally, it's not impossible that I watched the finale in its first run. I remember watching it when I was quite young and I remember one evening in particular where people around me were making a big deal about watching MASH. I don't remember if it was the finale and time is awfully fuzzy in my early memories, so it's difficult to determine when exactly the memory was from. My best hints are the way the living room looked and the TV in question, but that could've been any time from about '80 until '86.

And, of course, it's good to involve a little bit of doubt -- there's always the possibility of it being a constructed memory, not a real one. Still, I'm reasonably sure that the memory is real, but not whether or not it was the finale.

I do have other memories from when I was 3 -- most notably of seeing the floats at the Rose Parade. In any event, I didn't really have the necessary cognitive capabilities to understand most TV at the time. I didn't really come to appreciate MASH until it was part of reruns around midnight during junior high school. I ended up with a TV in my room and stayed up to watch Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien on channel 4 (NBC), then I'd switch to MASH on channel 11 (FOX) -- usually they had two episodes back to back. Afterwards, I'd swap to Twilight Zone episodes on channel 5 (KTLA -- though it became part of the Warner Bros. network late in high school).

And all of this reminds me of a writing project that I really ought to get back to writing down various memories. Maybe I can interleave that with the previously mentioned writing contest.

EDIT: Man -- I write *a lot* at a time. I always think I'm not really writing that much, then I notice the entry's relative size on my friends page. Cuts added.
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