Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

So the long awaited surprise has come. After days of not reflexively reading over Fizz's shoulder at IMs and doing my hardest not to think about it, it came.

In essence, Sparky and Mom II show up in town at 4:00 and Fizz and I meet them at Jack's (the Greatest Hamburger Place Ever). I order and Mom pays (yay!). Fizz tells me not to order a drink. I look at her quizzically and shrug my affirmation.

After hugs all around (Sparky was actually hugging me from behind while I was ordering), I walk towards a table.

Sitting there on the table are two of the greatest beverages known to man. Ice blendeds.

The only place to get ice blendeds within 300 miles of Santa Cruz is San Francisico. Yes, that's right. Mom and Sparky drove from the Coffee Bean in Northern-ish San Francisco to here with two ice blendeds packed in ice, thus creating the best practical Northern Californian meal.

To fill in the rest of the day...Fizz and I woke up at like 7am. Actually Fizz was up before me. We went to Zachary's which I had heard slings some pretty yummy breakfast hash. While it is true, it is, sadly, not quite at the level of the vault. Still, yumminess is yumminess.

The only other significant thing was going to the Phil's day party at Omino. dvb (the guy that owns/runs the geek house) throws a Phil's day party every year (though that's not what he calls it). I wasn't sure if I was going to make it this year since there was a vague plan to see Amelie with Fizz and Sparky and Athena this weekend. That plan died off, leaving room for Fizz, Athena, and I to head over to Omino.

dvb is one of the uber cool people I know. There's a handful of people that churn out really cool imaginative stuff. My uncle, Arthur, and dvb head that list. Not necessarily in that order, I should add. There was one particularly funny exchange which occurred while dvb was inquiring to my age.
Me: "Yeah, I like to say this is my 18th birthday."
relsqui: "So we should go to a strip club!"
dvb: "No thanks, I've seen a girl naked before."
Me: "In ASCII."
(dvb turns away and cracks up for a second before recomposing a normal face)
dvb: "...That counts..."

Some of the night was taken wearing Athena's boots. Some of the night was spent wrestling John (spcecdt, my housemate) off of me. When he gets drunk, he likes to wrestle and I'm generally agreeable to the shame of all others in the area. It was hardly a fair match since I was sober (I got there a touch on the late side) and he was pretty tipsy. If I didn't have that advantage, I would have used more soft, Judoish moves to get away from him. Instead, I was turning his wrists against him and so on. He's a touch stronger than me, but I know how to get better leverage than he does.

dvb showed us a semi-funny short of 1984 (the theme this year was "Big Brother is Watching You" with a picture of their large cat under it (that cat was extremely friendly. Let me pick it up and it didn't offer even the remotest complaint. It kind of reminded me of Freeway...if she had grown to be that enormously fat.).

It made for a more sedate celebration than I've had in the past, but it was undeniably pleasant. I love my relsqui so very much. =D

And I hope you all had a happy Phil Day.

(P.S. One of my cousins had a baby today. I'm considering sending my aunt, uncle, and cousin a couple of tips for dealing with a birthday on Phil's day)

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