Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Cancun: Part Two

The flight, for the most part, was uneventful. We played some cribbage. I drank ginger ale and read Roald Dahl's "Boy". They played Dreamgirls on the flight over -- a reasonably entertaining movie. zweeb spent most of the time trying to catch flies. I was *really* tempted to toss things into his gaping maw.

It was interesting flying over the border and seeing the difference between the relatively organized and urbanized US side to the Mexican side. Also, there were a few interesting crop circles -- by which I mean circles of crops, not alien conduct. I knew what they represented from satellite photos of Saudi Arabia. Essentially, they'll take a sprinkler system, run a water pipe up from a central point, and rotate the system.

After a while, we got there. Much of the airport approach was over the water which was interesting. Cancun is essentially a sandbar off the coast of a fishing village that some developers got ahold of. Supposedly, it was selected by computer in the 70s, but I have difficulty imagining the parameters selected. I imagine that they used a computer to find an optimal solution to an equation involving profit.

Lots of people milling around the airport waiting for you to make eye contact with them so that they can try and interest you in a timeshare -- that seemed to be the basis of people's interest in how the three of us knew each other. Usually, they'd zero in on relsqui and me and ask if we were married.

We changed a bit of money, found the people who we bought our trip package from, and they got us to the hotel.

Somewhere on the way, I noticed a VW bug and slugged zweeb on the shoulder to which he replied that all slugbug games are null and void in Mexico -- they're apparently quite popular around there as his sore shoulder would prove testament to. 8)

The hotel was really interesting. It had the appearance of a thatch hut and was completely open -- you walk under it, go up some stairs, and the registration desk is right there, essentially giving an open air lobby. We happened to get lucky with our rooms too. We were the last ones down the side of the building (no ocean view == much cheaper!). All we needed to do to go to the beach was unlock the door, walk down a short grass slope, and hop down a short wall.

Everything in the hotel zone is essentially organized into a strip, not unlike Laughlin or Las Vegas. Taxis and buses patrol the strip in short intervals.

We went searching for dinner -- and preferably something that wouldn't set off my super sensitivity to spice. We found a place called "Margaritaville" and thought that was worth a shot as a good place to start. They were really disorganized and we weren't getting a table, so we ended up going next doo to the -- hopefully -- non objectionable Outback Steakhose [sic -- the "u" was out on the sign.]

Amazingly, this was probably the worst meal we had in Cancun. Not because the food was bad, mind you. I had an excellent steak and zweeb and I consumed fair amounts of alcohol. What made it bad was that the salad was somehow spicy -- I kid you not! A simple Caesar salad. Who knew?

With that, we went back to the room and yammered for a while before hitting the sack -- we had a busy day to come.
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