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I suck at updating -- sorry everyone that wants to hear about Cancun!… - CERisE's Testing for L

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March 19th, 2007

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10:39 am
I suck at updating -- sorry everyone that wants to hear about Cancun!

In the meantime, a conversation with a friend of mine.
17:30 root_: I don't have minions.
17:30 tehschkott: yeah see, you really should                       
17:30 tehschkott: they're endless fun
17:30 root_: I think I'd kill too many of them.                  
17:31 tehschkott: like for real, I totally have 3 of them thinking that they
              represent three different sides in paper crane war
              that will  define the outcome of the next presidential election
17:31 tehschkott: and whoever has the most paper cranes in time for
              the war will  trump the other two
17:32 root_: ...
17:32 root_: Who's winning?
17:32 tehschkott: so all they do all day long is make paper cranes
              in preparation  for the paper crane armies to fight in the paper
              crane  apolcolypse
17:32 tehschkott: hard to say
17:33 tehschkott: they've started caching divisions of cranes in
              the ceiling tiles
17:33 tehschkott: at random locations
17:33 tehschkott: but this is what i'm talking about
17:33 tehschkott: you totally have to get some minions

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