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Build a HAL 9000 with IBM autonomic computing technology Another… - CERisE's Testing for L

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February 16th, 2007

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03:43 pm
Build a HAL 9000 with IBM autonomic computing technology

Another Philday's come and gone -- very quietly, I might add. relsqui is entertaining zweeb while I'm finishing off the work week.

Game night went well, though we didn't exactly get all our ducks in a row for the planned Phil themed chrononauts game. No matter, it'll wait for next week.

Presents have been trickling in slowly -- almost everyone's got caught by a shipping delay in one way or another. It's kinda nice. I like this nice, leisurely pace 8)

I can honestly say I've never had a situation in which I've wanted to thank someone for giving me rabies, but I must thank stonesundial for that very thing! She sent a package from Think Geek which included a stuffed lyssavirus and a very different heavy metal T-shirt 8)

zweeb brought me a license plate surround for my MR2 -- photos later of that.

greenbuttercup bought me a shirt which reads "Mini-Van Mega-Fun" which bears a certain resemblance to the Shuttle.

This is ignoring what I've gotten for myself. A bunch of old 8-bit nintendo games, a steering wheel for the PS2, a Sega Genesis, and a much cleaner front room. I managed to clear out a number of boxes. We moved the TV out to the front room along with all the game systems. I set up Tesla (which I've been meaning to do for a while) and one of my xterms (Kirk).

This makes the kittens a bit happier, I think. They seem to enjoy the ability to run around the couch again.

Many people wonder why my name on LJ is testing4l. I used to have a system called littlegreenmen. It was a fun, little box that I put together and it lasted me quite some time. It was a dual P-III 800 MHz. At some point, littlegreenmen went down mysteriously.

The diagnosis was probably a bad capacitor. The short caused a chain reaction which fried a couple of inductance coils and that pretty much did it for that board.

I tried a couple of other ones, but alas, no motherboard could handle P-3s at >500 MHz. Even the ones I tried were quite noisy. One eventually corrupted hard drives. Since then, littlegreenmen has been dormant. I replaced it with boogeyman and boogeyman has responded both to b.armory.com, boogeyman.armory.com and littlegreenmen's DNS entries of l.armory.com and littlegreenmen.armory.com

Well -- I spotted an ebay auction for the exact same board. 14 hours to go, it was $9.99 with $15 for shipping. I was fortunate enough to be the only bid.

So littlegreenmen will be up and running again 8) Hooray!

Oh -- and before I forget -- relsqui said she couldn't get email on l from livejournal, so I opened an account to comment at and see if I could get mail.

There are at least three more packages to come and I'm about to get myself another present....but more on that later!

I'm going to try and make a point of hitting Berkeley and Santa Cruz for folk who want to hang out in the meantime. I haven't seen a lot of people for far too long 8)

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Date:February 19th, 2007 11:59 am (UTC)
happy philsday!

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