Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Iraq's weapon: Oh, that nuclear bomb

This apparently is the latest attempt to deify Bush and denegrate democrats.

Essentially, we've recovered documents with reasonably detailed plans for a nuclear device and some experts have been quoted saying that Iraq was a year away from being what North Korea is today.

Those with long memories will remember a younger-looking President Bush at a press conference on primetime television saying that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. On that basis, we needed to invade. The closest we've discovered was some castor beans and unenriched uranium.

Considering that Iraq had nuclear power plants, the uranium was hardly surprising. With castor beans, you can create Ricin. You can also create castor oil and a number of home remedies. The sugar from the castor bean is actually an excellent cooking ingredient.

Chlorides were used for poisons early in chemical warfare. This obviously makes salt a chemical agent. Just look at all that chlorine waiting for that ionic bond to break! We may well have found some in Iraq, but reports are still classified on that.

So, in essence, what we have here is evidence that their plans weren't complete. They didn't even have the materials necessary to build a nuclear bomb. Obviously though, this was no time for diplomacy. Iraq could've maybe had nuclear weapons in a year and assuming they got the right materials.

Things worth noting:
1. Diplomacy didn't work. The fact that Iraq was willing to hand over the documents saying they're a year's worth of work and materials away from a nuclear bomb is irrelevant. Obviously, they were hiding the truth.
2. Iraq had WMDs when we invaded. Or might a year's continued labor in defiance of the international community.
3. Mission Accomplished: We've made the world a safer place. Obviously in tying ourselves up with no clear exit strategy and the faulty expectation that it'd be a short war, we went miles in stopping North Korea and Iran from their nuclear programs. It's worth noting that the reason we didn't take Saddam out in Desert Storm was because Schwartzkopf and others didn't feel that there was a cooler head that would prevail. We should've known back then that they'd weloome us as liberators. This is obviously a case of cultural relativism. We haven't quite grasped that the roadside bomb and bullet are standard honorifics in Iraq.
4. We can't afford for the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud. He meant to add "over Iraq. In a year."

So yes, let's all pour scorn on Kerry and the democrats who said there wasn't an immediate need to invade! Let's all hail Bush and his foresight in fighting terrorism.

(Oh, and never mind that bit about increasing amounts of terrorism. That's just a bunch of liberal lies.)
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