Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction (testing4l) wrote,
Fashionable, but unable to tell fact from fiction

Dear Government:

Look, we're having a really hard time of things. We've had a working relationship for around 25 years now and we've had our share of bumps. I've been lousy with paperwork and I know how being disorganized like that bothers you. I've really tried to work with that and be on time with things. I've apologized profusely and I think we've come to terms about it.

But there's still little things you do which really bother me. For example, when I'm driving along at the speed limit and a cop turns onto a street and makes a beeline to follow me in my red sports car. They have places to go too. That's OK.

But when I approach an intersection and the cop hangs back so that he can follow me after I change lanes to make a left turn, there's a problem. I'm minding my own business and I'm obeying laws. I even put my turn signal on. Furthermore, when I pull over to the right to park and he slows down as he goes by and gives me a look -- well...let's just say it makes me uncomfortable and demonstrates a lack of good faith on your part.

There's one other thing I wanted to address. I feel like I've been misled. We sent troops to Afghanistan to clean up a government which supported terrorism. Then we sent troops to Iraq. You told me that they had weapons of mass destruction. You said that that we couldn't wait for the "smoking gun" which would be a "mushroom cloud". You also claimed somewhat more tenuously that Iraq was a government which had a hand in 9-11.

To date, you've found a bag of castor beans from Mama Fatima, some aluminum tubes which you think might've been used for long range missiles, and a guy who might've been involved in a meeting with Al-Qaeda. Furthermore, you haven't stopped terrorism by doing so. Rather, you've encouraged it despite your best attempts at catching Osama bin Ladin and killing Zarqawi.

Now there's North Korea which has been threatening since '94. There's been real evidence that they're working on a nuclear program since 2002. And now all the rumors have been resolved. We have a "smoking gun". It's not a mushroom cloud, but rather a seismic tremor. To make matters worse, they're within missile range of us. I can't help but think that with all the time we've spent tied up in Iraq would've been better spent considering how to deal with North Korea. I've said that a number of times and so have other people who disagree with you.

(And I don't particularly care if it is just 550 tons of TNT -- that's still enough for a pretty nasty dirty bomb.)

Look, I don't want you to admit you're wrong or even that your point about avoiding nation-building during the debates was complete baloney. I just want you to make things right, but I'm really not sure how you're going to do so. A three-front war is inadvisable. Our military is already stretched thin building up a provisional government in Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm just not sure what you want to do. I'm not sure that what you'll want to do will be a good idea and that worries me.

Since this is a democracy, I feel like I really need to let you know that I'm not seeing a lot of reasons to show faith. I'm starting to wonder if maybe this relationship isn't going to survive another 25 years.

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